Interview nr. 1

What is Theatre Criticism?

It’s a review where the one who is judges a play or an art piece. The one who is judging the play must judge its quality and storyline. It isn’t anyone who can just be a theatre criticist. You have to have an education in art and theatre plays.

Who needs Theatre Criticism?

The people who does theatre. They can get some critics of what they could have done better. The people who want to go see the play, can be more exited if the play has gotten some good reviews, therefore, if the critics is bad then the excitement wouldn’t be as good as if the critics was good.

What is Theatre Criticism good for?

Theatre criticism is good for the ones who play the different characters in the play. It’s also good for reviews. When you see a good that the play has gotten some good critics then you want to see that play.


Name: Nikolai Bjoernskov

Relation: Pupil at Friskolen Østerlund, Nordborg